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Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red

Tattoo culture in the 21st century has become a mainstream culture.

For many modern people, body modification has become a way of self-expression. Tattoos can be seen everywhere. Perceptions of body-images have also chanced. They are no a sign of belonging to certain sub-culture, a choice of workers, seafarers and criminals. It has changed significantly. Today it is no surprise to see a tattoo on the body of a supervisor or even a teacher. The tattoo looks as natural as a cool hairstyle or bright accessory.

Body images often symbolize the love and attitude of man to nature, music, close people. Modern tattoos are true art and a way to make a difference. More than 40% of people aged 26-40 have at least once visited to a tattoo salon in Berlin to make a body image. Decorativeness and significance are features quality tattoo. The result depends on the professionalism and talent of the master. A creative view of things, the use of modern technologies and pigments allows you to create unique works that have real artistic value.

Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red

Where can I
get a tattoo?

Come to the tattoo salon in Berlin «VeAn» to see how real professionals work.

If our masters take the job, simple images in the form of a butterfly, flower or carnivore become exquisite works of art. We are ready to offer you tattoos in any of the more than 50 popular styles. In order for the image to become a body decoration, the master needs to pay special attention to such points:

  • The choice of pigments that will look good on the skin.
  • Find an optimal body place based on the size of the tattoo and the anatomical structure of the body.
  • Transferring to the skin the ideas and meaning that the client puts into the tattoo.

Works in the realism style resemble photos. You can choose abstraction, watercolor or minimalism which look relevant and stylish. There are no impossible tasks for masters of «VeAn» studio. You may boost your attractiveness after visiting our tattoo salon in Berlin.

Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red
Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red
Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red

Our services

Salon «VeAn» provides a full range of services in the field of body modification.

We offer our clients:

  • Tattoo of any complexity.
  • Permanent makeup.
  • Piercing (puncture, jewelry).
  • Tattoo training (four levels).
  • PMU training (theory and practice).
  • Piercing training (lectures and practical exercises).
  • Laser tattoo and PMU removal.

Tattoo culture is constantly evolving. To be the best at what we do, we follow current trends and technologies.

Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red

Advantages of
the salon «VeAn»

Come to our tattoo salon in Berlin to make your dream come true.

Our studio employs experienced artists who perform tattoos of any complexity. Tattoo artists constantly improve their qualifications, participate in international competitions. We offer our clients interesting solutions in the business sector - current technologies, materials, stylistic directions.


  • Assistance in the selection of sketches, including using a special program neuronet tattoo. The application generates unique sketches based on the textual description of the drawing. In this case, your tattoo will be the only one in the world.
  • Safety conditioin. Masters of the studio «VeAn» pay special attention to the protection of health of our clients. The work is performed with disposable or sterilized tools in the autoclave. The master puts on disposable gloves. Disinfection of the workplace is a mandatory stage of the procedure.
  • The usage of modern equipment and materials, which allows you to improve the safety of the procedure and achieve a high aesthetic effect.
  • Individual approach. Our masters will listen to your wishes so that the result fully meets expectations.
  • Promotions and discounts that give the opportunity to use the services with a discount of up to 50%.

Come to a free consultation at the tattoo salon in Berlin to learn more about the art of tattoos and choose a sketch. Make your life bright and exciting!

Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red
Tattoo Salon in Berlin Red