Tattoo prices: What are the costs for tattoos of different sizes? - VeAn Germany
Price list
1 Prices depend on the chosen artist, size, complexity and time.

Minimal price for tattoo from 80 euros
1 Prices do not include jewellery. Jewellery costs from 10 EUR, depending on the chosen material.

Earlobe 1 - 35 EUR; 2 - 50 EUR
Tragus 40 EUR
Helix 40 EUR
Nostril 40 EUR
Rook 45 EUR
Eyebrow 40 EUR
Septum 45 EUR
Bridge 45 EUR
Lips 40 EUR
Lip frenulum 45 EUR
Tongue 45 EUR
Tongue frenulum 45 EUR
Navel 45 EUR
Nipple 1 - 50 EUR; 2 - 90 EUR
Microdermal 70 EUR
Industrial 50 EUR
Daith 45 EUR
Conch 40 EUR
1 Prices do not include jewellery. Jewellery costs from 10 EUR, depending on the chosen material.

Earlobe 1 - from 30 EUR to 40 EUR; 2 - 45 EUR
Tragus from EUR 30 to EUR 40
Helix from EUR 30 to EUR 40
Rook from EUR 35 to EUR 45
Eyebrow from EUR 35 to EUR 45
Nostril from EUR 30 to EUR 40
Septum from EUR 35 to EUR 45
Lip from EUR 30 to EUR 40
Tongue from EUR 35 to EUR 45
Navel from EUR 30 to EUR 40
Nipple 1 - from 40 EUR to 50 EUR; 2 - 75 EUR
Microdermal from EUR 70 to EUR 80
Industrial from EUR 40 to EUR 50
Daith from EUR 35 to EUR 45
Conch from EUR 30 to EUR 40
1 The cost of the training includes all consumables and support in finding models, as well as advice and support in selecting and purchasing equipment for further work. After the training, a diploma is issued which is entered in the artist's database. This person can also be employed with us afterwards.
2 Interest-free installment plan available for all educational programs - from 3 to 6 months

Tattoo Intensive Course 5 lessons 1500 EUR
Tattoo Basic Course 8 lessons 2000 EUR
Tattoo Standard 10 Lessons 3500 EUR
Tattoo Premium 14 Lessons 4500 EUR
Tattoo Premium + Additional Realism Style 16 Lessons 7000 EUR
Piercing Basic Course 8 lessons 2000 EUR
Piercing Standard 14 Lessons 2500 EUR
Piercing Premium Course 17 lessons 2700 EUR
1 For more detailed information, please contact an online advisor or call +49 305 201 51 35.

Promotional certificate The service and value is determined by the studio administr
Gift certificate Any value
Certificate "Couple tattoos" 250 EUR
Certificate "Mini Tattoo" 120 EUR
Certificate "Blind Tattoo" From 120 EUR - up to 400 EUR
VIP Gold Certificate From 4500 EUR (5 sessions) to 9000 EUR (10 sessions)
Certificate for piercing 50 EUR
1 The price depends on the chosen city. For more detailed information, please contact the online advisor or call +49 305 201 51 35.
2 All VeAn students receive a 50% discount on an ongoing basis.

Price per day From 140 EUR
Price per month From 2200 EUR
Price per consumable From 15 EUR
1 With these aids, you have all the necessary products to optimally accompany the healing process after a tattoo or piercing.

All facilities are available In our studios

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

The cost of tattoos is formed by many factors. One of the main is the qualification of the tattoo artist. Experienced and skilled masters value their time and services quite highly. Professional work is expensive, while the services of beginners will be much cheaper.

The main criteria that determine the cost of the tattoo are the scale and size of the tattoo, as well as the difficulty of performing the tattoo.


How to choose a tattoo artist

People often face a choice when comparing prices: whether they should turn to an experienced master or choose a beginner and get a pleasant discount, saving some amount of money. Choosing a tattoo artist is a task that requires weighing everything «for» and «against».

This is because any tattoo is likely to remain on your body for life. The quality of the drawing can make it a decoration or evidence of a bad experience, which can only worsen your appearance and not give the expected result.

The main advantage of working with a beginner master is a lower price for services. However, the main drawback of this choice is the lack of confidence in the expected outcome. Of course, it is not necessary to think that a freshman in the tattoo industry will not cope with the tasks.

Talented beginners can create not just tattoos, but real works of art. Nevertheless, the experience and skills honed by years of work are important arguments for trusting an experienced master. To make an informed decision, it is better to familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the specialist to be sure of his qualifications.

Tattoo design

The complexity of creating a tattoo on the body directly affects the cost of the service. Black and white tattoos in a minimalist style are usually easier to create than color images with numerous smooth color transitions and multi-level gradations of shades. It will take much more time, attention and effort to fill up the 3D-effect body-images.

The same is the case with the tattoo in the style of realism, which requires the master to be attentive and to work with neat detail to make them look like real photographs. To achieve this result, the artists need to work carefully each individual fragment. Not all tattoo artists can do this task. This once again confirms the fact that if your plans are quite complicated tattoo, the most responsible approach to choose the right master. It is a task number one for you.

Tattoo scale and size

The size is an important factor in determining the final price of the work. The cost of the tattoo is calculated based on the cost of processing an area of 1 square centimeter. The price per square centimeter is multiplied by the area of the future body-image. It is important to note that the larger the tattoo, each centimeter square cost will be less.

The difficulty of implementation is also a decisive factor in determining the cost of work. Tattoo application, which includes many small details, requires careful and long-term work of the master, which entails an increase in the cost of service. As a rule, a specific amount is disclosed to the client after he has developed and approved the sketch.

Colors and Body Place to Get a Tattoo

The price of performing the tattoo also depends on the place of application and colors. The number of pigments used creates the price. The cost of services also includes the cost of anesthetics. Approximate prices for tattoos in salons "VeAn" can be found in the price list on the site.