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Tattoo in Berlin

Quickly completed tattoos, as a rule, are made by masters with certain lack of professionalism.

In the tattoo salon «VeAn» in Berlin, each master is responsible for his/her work and health of the client. Our specialists have medical training and are aware of all possible risks. As for the artistic side of the question, they also use all their experience and creativity to make the tattoo unique. Emotions, which are born while looking at beautiful drawings on the body, can't put into words. This is an art that many masters want to be involved in, but not everyone succeeds. The team of workers of body art industry of salon «VeAn» will cope with the tasks of any level of complexity. Sign today and see for yourself.

The ability to correctly place accents is a useful skill. Let’s start with the fact that tattoos differ in styles and techniques.

Tattoo in Berlin

Most popular styles
among our customers are:

  1. Minimalism.
    1. It is in great demand from customers who are just beginning to show interest in tattoos. As a rule, the request goes for small tattoos with inscriptions or symbols. You can use any area of the body to choose the place of application.
  2. New technique.
    1. An element of novelty is present in this kind of tattoos. Colorful modern characters, fashion trends, interesting ideas - you can try everything that is unheard, fresh and unusual.
  3. Non-traditional.
    1. It has a base of traditional tattoos, but with elements of abstract drawing. The predominance of clear geometric lines allows the tattoo to be concise and stylish.
  4. Traditional.
    1. The maximum similarity with tattoos of American origin, but with only one difference - a clear outline. Using the traditional style of tattooing, you can depict animals and plants. Also, the body paintings in the form of landscapes look spectacular.
  5. Realism.
    1. Have you ever seen a tattoo that takes your breath away from reality? This is especially true of portraits, which I cannot believe is just a professional drawing. Performing realistic compositions requires incredible skill from the master, so, as a rule, beginners for this type of work are not taken.
  6. Blackwork.
    1. There is a special magic in the body atr made only in black. They have depth, style and true meaning.

Stylistic preference in choosing the sketch tattoo is indicated by the wishes of the client. However, tattoo industry experts have a more extensive knowledge base, so they feel how best to present a particular picture. The tattoo in Berlin should be done in the salon «VeAn», because they follow the fashion trends, and each master has his/her «personal collection» of successful works, from which you will have something to choose.

Tattoo in Berlin
Tattoo in Berlin
Tattoo in Berlin

What are the conclusions?

Visiting the tattoo shop in Berlin, you will be able to make your own opinion about the creative environment in the studio «VeAn».

We look forward to your visit, provide free consultation. You will be able to meet the master, agree on a work plan, learn the finer points of the rehabilitation period.

In our tattoo shop you can count on:

  1. Impeccability.
    1. A team of professionals under the guidance of competent managers creates an ideal environment for creativity, in which there is no room for professional blunders.
  2. Safety.
    1. Individual consumables, sanitary and hygienic standards, latest generation equipment - all this for our customers.
  3. Exclusivity.
    1. Our specialists perform tattoos of any level of complexity. You will be able to choose any ready-made sketch from the catalog or come with the tattoo idea that needs to be developed. We will help you and do it correctly, taking into account the first two points.

In addition to colorful and stylish tattoos, in our studio you will be able to get piercing and do permanent makeup with the best professionals in the body art industry. Tattoo in Berlin, made in the salon «VeAn», will be the best gift for your friends. To do this, we give you an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate. Do I need to say that we are ready to start your tattoo project now? Remember that tattoo is not a fashion trend, but a way of self-expression. Changing styles and techniques, one thing is unchanchable - the quality of performance. Choose the best and come to us.

Tattoo in Berlin
Tattoo in Berlin

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