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Tattoo in Bremen

Tattoos in Bremen, as in many other cities in Europe, are one of the most popular ways to modify your body.

This kind of expression is common among people of completely different age categories. And the most popular place to create tattoos among Europeans is a large network of tattoo salons «VeAn Tattoo». We are approached because we offer high quality service and friendly atmosphere. We create each new tattoo with love, which you can see on your own experience, if you visit our salon.

Tattoo in Bremen
Tattoo in Bremen
Tattoo in Bremen

Services of our salon

Each new client has his/her own motives for creating this kind of decoration on the body, which is a tattoo.

Some people want to stand out from the crowd, some so emphasize their individuality, for some it is an important reminder of an event from life, and for someone an opportunity to demonstrate their worldview and views to the world. Regardless of the reasons, experienced specialists of our salon are ready to implement any of your wishes in any of the modern styles. It can be both concise minimalism and high artistic realism. We work in all styles, from the popular «neo-tradition» to brutal «blackwork».

On the site of the salon you can see an extensive portfolio of works of our masters. After familiarizing yourself with them, you will easily choose a professional whose style of tattoo execution best suits your preferences. And believe us, the amount of work, and most importantly, their quality, is really impressive. After all, our masters confirm their professionalism not only with many years of experience, but also with a lot of certificates and diplomas from international festivals.

We also want to draw your attention to the main principle of the salon «VeAn Tattoo» - safety and health of the client is principal. With us you can not worry, because each master has a high level of medical training. Experienced specialists will not only take into account your individual health features, but also easily perform local anesthesia and consult in the care of the ready-made tattoo.

Tattoo in Bremen

5 reasons to choose
the salon «VeAn Tatto»

The main reason for our popularity is the high level of services.

This is how we stand out among tattoo shops in Bremen. The main reasons apply to us are:

  • Safety. We adhere to all health regulations. The workplace is to be processed before and after each customer. And the main condition is the use of a disposable tool, which is unpacked and processed only in your presence.
  • Modern equipment, certified consumables and high-quality pigments are used to create tattoos.
  • Individual approach. You have a huge base of already prepared sketches or the master can perform an individual sketch according to your wishes.
  • Selection of the master depending on your request. We always offer the best specialist in the specific direction of tattoo execution.
  • Free consultation. We are ready to answer all your questions, help with the choice, tell you the details of the tattoo procedure. And also be sure to take into account your wishes and features of your body.
Tattoo in Bremen
Tattoo in Bremen
Tattoo in Bremen

Tattoo for any budget

Quite pleasant prices - this is what salons «VeAn Tattoo» is famous for.

We give an opportunity to make a tattoo in Bremen at the best price. In addition, you have an opportunity to get additional discounts or take part in special offers and promotions that are regularly held on our website. Follow the updates and get tattoos at the most affordable prices.

Tattoo in Bremen
Tattoo in Bremen