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Laser tattoo removal
in Frankfurt

Modern people choose original ways of body decoration.

One of the popular types of body art - tattoos. Many celebrities, actors, musicians, athletes set the tone and provoke fans to follow their example - decorate the body with various drawings. The feature of any tattoo - gradual change of shape and fading. The body reacts to the presence of foreign matter under the skin. Cells of the immune system gradually destroy the pigment, which is excreted with the lymph. Often, you can save your favorite drawing with the help of correction. In cases where correction is ineffective, laser tattoo removal is required in Frankfurt.

Laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt
Laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt

Why do people
remove tattoos?

Over time, views and worldviews change.

A person who once considered a body painting a decoration can change his mind. Bright and flashy images often become irrelevant on the body of reputable people, which prompts them to contact the salon and do laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt. Other possible reasons to get rid of the tattoo:

  • Strict office dress code.
  • Study in an educational institution.
  • Loss of relevance.
  • Non-aesthetic result.
  • Severe stretching or sagging of the skin, which is associated with weight gain or loss and leads to deformation of the picture.
  • Skin injuries.

If the tattoo is made in honor of a former lover or an event that has lost its value, the person often feels the desire to get rid of it. Body drawings made by amateur people often look primitive and tasteless, which forces the owner to take the drastic measure of signing up for laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt.

Laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt

Procedure and its stages

During the procedure, the master acts on the pigments with an intense beam of light, which is generated by a special device - the laser.

When exposed to a light ray, the pigment is destroyed. Its particles enter the lymphatic system and are gradually eliminated from the body. The master regulates the wavelength, intensity of laser radiation and duration of action. Optimal parameters of the instrument operation depend on many factors:

  • Skin tone.
  • Color of pigment.
  • The age of the tattoo.

The masters of the salon «VeAn» follow medical protocols and sanitation rules. If you chose our studio to do laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt, you are guaranteed safety and health protection. It usually takes 2-6 sessions to remove an image completely. The procedures take place at intervals of 1.5-2 months.

The rate of pigment elimination depends on the depth of its location and the individual characteristics of the organism. The number of sessions is also affected by the size of the drawing - one procedure can handle a limited area of skin.

It is easier to remove dark pigments - black, gray, blue. Brighter coloring substances - red, green, yellow - are more susceptible to destruction. It is easier to remove the body pattern from the skin of a light shade than from dark skin.

Laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt
Laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt

Reasons for laser tattoo
removal in «VeAn» studio

If you do laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt in the salon «VeAn», you are provided with comfort and safety.

Local anesthesia allows you to feel no pain or discomfort. The latest equipment of leading manufacturers in Germany, USA, Japan provides a targeted effect on the pigment with minimal traumatic effect on the skin. Other advantages for our customers:

  • Local anesthesia - no pain or discomfort.
  • Qualified staff.
  • Individual approach.
  • Cozy atmosphere.
  • Promotions and discounts.

Come for a free consultation to get answers to all the questions. You can also learn about the procedure by phone. Your health and beauty are in safe hands!

Laser tattoo removal in Frankfurt