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Permanent makeup in Frankfurt

Permanent makeup is a durable and practical alternative to the usual application of decorative cosmetics.

During the procedure, the master injects a pigment under the skin, which forms eyelines, contours of the eyebrows and lips, strokes and dots imitating natural hairs. This method of facial decoration was used by the ancient rulers of Egypt - Cleopatra and Nefertiti. For a modern woman, permanent makeup in Frankfurt is an opportunity to look perfect without any effort.

If the application of decorative cosmetics daily requires 30-60 minutes, PMU always remains on the face in the same condition. When you wake up or take a shower, eat or exercise, permanent makeup still looks neat and perfect.

Permanent makeup in Frankfurt
Permanent makeup in Frankfurt

Pros of permanent makeup

Women who want to remain attractive 24 hours a day, you need to make permanent makeup in Frankfurt at the salon «VeAn».

Saving time and money are important advantages of the solution. You do not have to buy decorative cosmetics for 1-3 years. That’s how long it takes for the procedure to work.

For modern women, time is a valuable and irreplaceable resource. It is necessary to find time for self-improvement, to cope with professional tasks, to have full-time rest. An extra 30-60 minutes a day, which you spend on applying decorative cosmetics, can be dedicated to family, friends, rest or favorite hobbies. Other advantages:

  • Durable result. PMU eyelines and eyebrows, blush on the cheekbones are not afraid of exposure to moisture and friction. You will not put on your makeup if you accidentally rub your face with your hand. You do not have to cover your face from rain and snow, so that cosmetics do not flow on your face.
  • Perfect contours and shapes. With the help of permanent makeup in Frankfurt, you can find the perfect appearance, adjust the shape of the lips, eyebrows, eyes, facial oval.
  • Perfect and neat look. When applying decorative cosmetics, the perfect result is not guaranteed. The careless movement of the hand and the eyelines turns out to be uneven or not as you planned. In order to never redo the work, it is better to sign up for the procedure in the salon «VeAn».

The «VeAn» studio employs talented masters who will help to emphasize the merits of appearance and correct imperfections. A good master always cares about the safety of the client and the aesthetic result. If you do permanent makeup in Frankfurt at the salon «VeAn», your health and beauty are in safe hands.

Masters work in disposable gloves. Disinfecting the workplace - a mandatory preparatory stage of the procedure. The usage of disposable tools and compliance with sanitary standards minimize the risk of infection. The package with disposable tools is opened before the session in the presence of the client. Reusable tools are sterilized in the autoclave.

Permanent makeup in Frankfurt

Our services

Forget about the stress and the constant lack of time.

Make a permanent makeup in Frankfurt to enjoy every moment of life and your impeccable beauty. Our services:

  • Permanent brows. Create an up-to-date shape, clear contours, filling the space between the hairs for a thick eyebrow effect.
  • Blush lips. Drawing clear contours, filling with color, visual volume increase.
  • PMU lines. Correction of the shape of the eyes, filling the intercilial space for visual effect of thick eyelashes and expressive eyes.
  • Tattoo cheekbones and oval facies. Creating the lifting effect by forming clear oval contours, highlighting the cheekbone zone.

Choosing a salon is a responsible task. Your safety and results depend on the professionalism of the master. When an untrained person takes a job, you cannot avoid disappointment. Your PMU may look unnatural, like a frozen mask. Often the shape of the eyebrows or eyes is different.

In order to exceed expectations, make a permanent make-up in Frankfurt at the salon «VeAn». Our artists will choose the perfect shades, taking into account the color of the skin and hair. Experienced professionals will cope with any task. You will get a natural PMU that emphasizes natural beauty, or a spectacular, glamorous image. The result depends on your wishes!

Permanent makeup in Frankfurt
Permanent makeup in Frankfurt
Permanent makeup in Frankfurt

Dreams come true in
the salon «VeAn»

During the procedure, the master uses tools and equipment to inject a dye under the skin.

The masters of our salon use resistant pigments that are absolutely healthy. Our advantages:

  • Individual approach.
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • Comfortable, cozy environment.

Free consultations will help to get answers to all questions. You can learn more about the features of the procedure if you come to us in the salon. Consultations are also available by the telephone.

Permanent makeup in Frankfurt