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Tattoo in Frankfurt

Tattoos are stylish decorations that never go out of style.

People make body-images in honor of beloved ones or idols to keep the memory of an important event or following spontaneous desires. If the tattoo is done professionally, it looks like a work of art. The artistic value of the image is increased in the eyes of the owner, who has put in the sketch a special meaning. Not so important are the reasons that make people get tattoos in Frankfurt, how important is the choice of the master. A professional will get a tattoo that will be cause for pride and good mood.

Only professionals are waiting for you in the salon «VeAn», ready to implement any your fantasies. You can choose a drawing in the current Minimalist style or Old School, Fineline or Realism style, and get a result that matches expectations. Our masters will help you to choose a sketch in the catalogue or using the neural network tattoo. Special program generates unique images on user’s text request. We offer advanced tattoo solutions in Frankfurt:

  • Safe and fade-resistant pigments.
  • High-tech tools and equipment.
  • Modern techniques and methods of applying pigment to create actual and stylish tattoos.

The master will help you to choose the place of the body-image, which will emphasize the dignity and will seamlessly combine with anatomical structures.

Tattoo in Frankfurt

Principles of applying
quality tattoo

The basic principles of the tattoo artist work are aesthetic result and safety for the client.

If you get a tattoo in Frankfurt in the salon «VeAn», you are guaranteed health protection. Masters work in disposable gloves. A package with disposable tools is opened before the session in the presence of the client. Reusable tools are sterilized in the autoclave.

Treatment of the workplace with antiseptic formulations is a mandatory preliminary stage of the procedure. Aesthetic drawing attracts the approval and admiration of others, brings the owner positive emotions. Choose professionals, so that the finished image pleased and inspired to accomplish.

Tattoo in Frankfurt
Tattoo in Frankfurt

The main styles

Before we get a tattoo in Frankfurt, we need to figure out a sketch.

Master salon «VeAn» will help to make a choice, however, the final word remains for the client. Brief information about the main styles will simplify the task:

  1. Graphics.
    1. The basis of the drawing is geometric shapes and patterns. Usually, the elements are drawn in thin, clear lines without halftones.
  2. Gothic.
    1. Usually used for inscriptions and images related to the same subculture.
  3. Abstraction.
    1. Illustrations without clearly defined contours look light and ultramodern.
  4. Old School.
    1. Bright, colorful images consisting of elements with clear, expressive contours.
  5. New School.
    1. It is distinguished by rich palette of shades and selection of individual fragments by means of color transitions.
Tattoo in Frankfurt
  1. Chicano.
    1. Brutal drawings, usually depicting weapons, beasts of prey, symbols of death and meaninglessness of existence.
  2. Watercolor.
    1. Tattoos resemble drawings on paper made with watercolor paints.
  3. Blackwork.
    1. Illustrations made by black pigment with dense coloring of elements.
  4. Minimalism.
    1. Miniature tattoos that will be relevant in any image.
  5. Fineline.
    1. Combining fine lines and carefully crafted details.
  6. Realism.
    1. Naturalistic images that convey the image with photographic accuracy.

In «VeAn» salon you can make a unique tattoo in Frankfurt, if you choose the service of the sketch selection by the neuronet.

Tattoo in Frankfurt
Tattoo in Frankfurt

Why do people choose
«VeAn» salon?

Get a tattoo in Frankfurt in our salon and enjoy the aesthetic look of your body.

Our advantages:

  • Individual approach.
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • A comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.
  • Possibility to buy professional aftercare products.

Come and get a free consultation about all the services and features of the procedure. Our masters will answer all questions. Consultations are also available by the telephone. We create amazing reality!

Tattoo in Frankfurt