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Piercing in Frankfurt am Main

Punctures in different parts of the body are an ancient way of decoration and self-expression.

Pierced earlobes and wearing earrings are the most common in the world type of piercing. Modern methods of body modification are diverse and original. Today you can pierce different parts of the body and face in Frankfurt. Fans of unusual types of body modifications can choose a variety of decorations - labrets, rings, nostrils, rods, clickers and chains to make the appearance bright. Experienced masters of «VeAn» studio will help to become like your idols and always be in the center of attention.

Piercing in Frankfurt am Main

Reasons for puncture

Most people choose piercing in Frankfurt as a way to highlight the merits and look modern.

Punctures are a fashion trend that involves music and film stars, famous athletes and bloggers. Punctures are the choice of extraordinary personalities who are not ready to settle for standard decisions and boldly challenge traditions. Other reasons for piercing in Frankfurt:

  • A way to cope with stress. Studies show that different ways of body modification reduce the negative effects of stress.
  • Gaining self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Way to celebrate a new page of life.
  • An opportunity to experience unusual sensations and to expand the limits of consciousness.

Piercing is an experience that can change your life and outlook. It helps you overcome obstacles and overcome problems. And it is also an opportunity to look fashionable and effective without unnecessary effort and costs. If you have pierced in Frankfurt at the salon «VeAn», you will be proud of your decoration. The aesthetic result is guaranteed!

Piercing in Frankfurt am Main
Piercing in Frankfurt am Main
Piercing in Frankfurt am Main

What is the procedure?

Puncture is an invasive procedure that requires strict compliance with hygienic standards.

Before starting the session, the master processes the workplace with disinfectants. Piercers work in disposable gloves to prevent contact of their skin with the site of exposure.

In «VeAn» salon you will be punctured with one-time tools. The package is opened in the presence of the client before the beginning of the session. If the master works with reusable tools, they are pre-sterilized in the autoclave. Come to the salon «VeAn» to make a beautiful piercing in Frankfurt and protect your health. The main steps of the procedure:

  • Choosing a puncture place and jewelry. Our masters will recommend optimal solutions, but the last word remains with you.
  • Disinfection of the chosen body part.
  • Marking. At this stage you can still change your decision.
  • Local anesthesia.
  • Performing a puncture with special tools or equipment.
  • Installation of sterile jewelry.
  • Treating the puncture place with antiseptic, antibacterial agents and preparations that promote rapid tissue regeneration.

After you have pierced in Frankfurt, you will receive detailed instructions on the rules of care. Proper care reduces the likelihood of complications and speeds up the healing process. In the «VeAn» salon you can buy professional care products.

Piercing in Frankfurt am Main

Our services

Experienced piercers of the salon «VeAn» will make a puncture in any part of the body and face.

Popular piercings in Frankfurt:

  • Daith, Helix and Conch (Ear Cartilage).
  • Industrial (puncture of two holes combined with one decoration).
  • Bridge and Septum
  • Medusa (puncture above upper lip).
  • Smiley
  • Monroe (above upper lip).
  • Punctures of intimate organs and nipples.

The master must have artistic taste and practical experience a puncture looks aesthetic. Wrong movement and you get a defect of appearance instead of beautiful decoration.

Piercing in Frankfurt am Main
Piercing in Frankfurt am Main
Piercing in Frankfurt am Main
Advantages of piercing
in «VeAn» studio

Experienced piercers of «VeAn» studio invite for free consultation, during which you can learn about the features of the procedure.

Reasons for piercing in Frankfurt in our salon:

  • Individual approach.
  • Maximum Security.
  • A cozy, comfortable environment.

We hold regular promotions to make our services available to visitors with different income levels. Come and paint your life bright!

Piercing in Frankfurt am Main